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Home Decor Girl Figurine Resin Sculpture Abstract Art Room Decor Nordic Decoration Home Living Room Decoration Accessories Gifts

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Color: 10style
  • SKU: CJJT123460810JQ
  • Brand: Gadget Giggle
  • Type: Other
  • Availability: In Stock

Applicable plants: fresh flowers, dried flowers, art flower arrangement...
Applicable space:Living room, bedroom, study room, dining room, coffee shop,bookshop...
Good choice As Business Gift ,Birthday gifts, holiday gifts

Material: Resin
Process: Resin process
Category: People
Hanging form: ornaments
Style: European style
Modeling: Character
Packing: carton packing
1style: sunflower girl green bow (can be arranged, can be stored)
2style: sunflower girl blue bow (can be arranged, can be stored)
3style: sunflower girl golden bow (can be arranged, can be stored)
4style: Bubble girl green bow (flower arrangement and storage available)
5style: Bubble girl blue bow (flower arrangement and storage available)
6style: Bubble girl golden bow (flower arrangement and storage available)
7style: Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 1, Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 3
8style: Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 4, Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 5
9style: Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 6, Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 7
10style: Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 8, Bubble Girl Bouquet Set 9
11style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 1
12style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combo 2
13style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 3
14style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 4
15style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 5
16style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Set 6
17style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 7
18style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 9
19style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 10
20style: Sunflower Girl Bouquet Combination 11
21style: girl with blue bow holding flowers (flower arrangement and storage available)
22style: girl with brown bow holding flowers (can be arranged, can be stored)
23style: Xinyue dream girl bouquet ornaments [Bouquet not included]
24style: Butterfly Girl Vase-Orange Polka Dot
25style: Butterfly Girl Vase-Green
26style: Butterfly Girl Vase-Pink
27style: Girl Holding Bag Flower Arrangement-Gray
28style: Girl Holding Bag Flower Arrangement-Green
29style: Girl Holding Bag Flower Arrangement-Blue
30style: Sunflower girl yellow bow (can be arranged, can be stored)

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